Season 1

  1. Balloon Buddies; Twinkle Twinkle
  2. A Case Of The Giggles; Hiccup & Night Fun
  3. Rip Roaring Race; The Need for Seed
  4. Colour Me Happy; Kittens & Mittens
  5. Tail Tale; Mirror Mirror
  6. Boomer Size; Mim-Mim Moon Mishap
  7. Tee Hee Rex; Mega Music Maker
  8. Lost Island; Flight of the Flowers
  9. Cloud Castle; Snow Bowling
  10. Valentine Friends; A Storybook Ending
  11. Snifferific; Summer Funday Drive
  12. Mega Mim; Kate the Great
  13. Clean Sweep; Princess Kate
  14. Lighter Than Air; Gobble's Gift
  15. A Christmas Wish
  16. Babysitting Squoosh; Chilly the Snowman
  17. The Curious Case of the Chamelippo; Bubble-Subble
  18. Kate's Dragon Quest; Butterfly Flowers
  19. Kate's Turtle Dive; Make-Up-a-Game Day
  20. Lily's Café; Leapfrog Underdog
  21. The Big Idea Box; Happy Mim Day
  22. Super Kate; Boom Chicka Bees
  23. Mimiloo Zoo; Bunch o' Boomers
  24. Lily and the Unicorn; Small Wonders
  25. Mim-Mim's Teeny Genie; To Catch a Critter
  26. Follow the Leader; Treasure of Tut-n-Bunny

Season 2

  1. Bathtime for Boomer; Mimiloo Express
  2. Jurassic Tee Hees; Tack and The Beanstalk
  3. Eggy Boomer; Chariots of Fun
  4. Mim-Mim's Eggcelent Easter; Lily's Ballet Recital
  5. Boomer's Blanky; Boogedie Bear Hair
  6. Mimiloo Clubhouse; The Fluff Between Your Ears
  7. Mim-Mim of Oz
  8. Lights, Camera, Mim-Mim!; The Sky is Falling
  9. Friendship Day; Octo-Mim
  10. Small Blunders; Lunar Or Later
  11. Sprite Lights; Wild Boomer
  12. Grabby the Crab; Secret Superhero
  13. Boomer's New Pet; Gobble's Gizmos and Gadgets
  14. Little Kate Riding Hood; Glowing Up
  15. Me and My Shadow; Twirly Scouts
  16. Boomer's Three Wishes; Lil' Boo
  17. Remember When?; The Mimiloo Mystery Friend
  18. King Boomer; So You Think You Can Trumpet?
  19. The Mimiloo Safari; Baby Gobble
  20. Lucky Funny Bunny; Mim-Mim On Ice
  21. Kate’s Surprise; Fun for Zoom Zoom
  22. Boomer’s First Flight; Tack’s Obstacle Course
  23. Boomer’s Masterpiece; The Story of Tack

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